Family business

We’ve been making toys for many years. The current owner’s parents started the company in 1972.

That’s a long time ago! First it was just a small company with only a few products but now it’s much, much bigger. We make 80 new products each year in our factory in Enschede and have around 350 different toys in our range.

Our products are sold all over the world, in 75 different countries.

Inventing new toys

All of our toys are invented by our development department. In this department, creative people spend each day coming up with new ideas.

They research trends, test materials and make complex drawings and prototypes. The developers stay in close contact with our laboratory, where people in white coats test the quality and safety of our products. Each product has to meet certain strict requirements and laws, so you can play safely.

Then we start making the products in our factory. We mix, cut, kneed, shape and mould all parts with special machines. Then we gather everything together in a set. All the products are stored in a huge warehouse behind the factory until they can be packaged and safely sent to shops all around the world.